“Nothing matters but the facts.  Without them, the science of criminal investigations is nothing more than a guessing game.”

Do you need Corporate Investigation Services?

If you are experiencing employee dishonesty, financial inconsistency, or if you doubt the legitimacy of a company you deal with directly, a corporate investigator can present evidence that is legally and professionally obtained, meaning it is more likely to be respected by the court. They can also help you prevent future incidents.

Often, large corporations will have investigators on retainer or have internal investigators so that they are constantly aware of every facet of their company. With such a large pursuit, this information is vital to their success.

Businesses and corporations use corporate investigations, not only to prove suspected unlawful activity, but to protect itself from the potential. If you are concerned about the well-being of your business or company, an investigator is an unbiased source that can provide you with reliable information.

About Us

CIS was established in 1995 as a Corporate Investigation Company

We are situated in Bloemfontein but have successfully resolved many theft and fraud cases in all provinces of SA. We pride ourselves with 25 years of investigative integrity.

We provide personalised service as we are Owner Managed.

We recognise that different circumstances require different solutions, therefore our range of expertise extends into Forensic Investigations (Criminal, Industrial, Commercial and Domestic) Truth Verification (Voice Stress Analysis) Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (De-bugging) and Intelligence Gathering, which includes Technical Surveillance, Personal Surveillance and the supply of skilled and trained Undercover Agents.

The infiltration of an undercover agent is a cost-effective solution for identifying issues that are usually not visible or noticeable to management. Statistics prove that most crimes in the workplace are committed with the knowledge of other employees, who do not necessarily condone the action, but fail to report it due to fear of intimidation and reprisal.

We have a high success rate with undercover agents that infiltrate companies and identify irregularities in the workplace, which are not restricted to fraud and theft.

The recruitment and training of an undercover agent is done over time due to the sensitivity of this type of operation. The success of our business is built on the foundation of a highly skilled and experienced investigation team.

Our investigation team has the experience and skill required to understand each unique situation and assess which tools would be best suited to solving the problem. Given the potential legal issues we are confronted with, one can appreciate the importance of engaging the services of a reputable investigations company, who will ensure that all the legal aspects of applying various technologies are considered.

We are also constantly keeping up with the latest technology and have various reliable systems of checking records.

Retainer Services

CIS has structured a well-rounded package, tailored with the objective of achieving sustainable results and enforcing an honest working environment on all levels of employment.

We consider all personnel, vehicles and activities of your business, with the aim of preventing stock losses and the elimination of misconduct regarding resources.

The RETAINER is structured in such a manner as to provide investigative services as well as the implementation of preventative systems for a six to 12-month period.

Regardless of the monthly results, CIS will be committed to address the problem areas first, in order to obtain maximum effects as soon as possible.

It also creates an awareness among employees that your business will under no circumstances tolerate criminal behaviour or any transgression of company rules and regulations in the working environment.

CIS believes in establishing an open relationship with its clients, and strong communication channels greatly enhance our effectiveness.


Additional Services

  • System Checker (Field Worker) A Field Worker will be placed at your business to monitor any criminal activities.
  • Probing. A field worker will “probe” the suspicions and if true, point out guilty parties.
  • Pre-Employment Checking of potential employees (Level 1).
  • Pre-Employment Test of potential employees (Level 2)
  • Vehicle Surveillance
  • Forensic Voice Stress Analysis (Lie Detection)
  • Bank Account Verification
  • Cell phone Triangulation
  • Company CIPC Records Check
  • Criminal Record Check
  • De-Bugging (Sweeping) for Listening Devices
  • Deeds Office Records
  • Directorship Information
  • Driver’s License Verification
  • Random Stop & Search of Employees
  • Identification Check
  • ITC Check (Full credit report)
  • Matric Certificate Verification (1992 +)
  • Outstanding Traffic Fines
  • PDP Verification
  • Person Trace
  • Property Conversion
  • Property Search
  • Property Transfer Report
  • Qualification Verification (RSA/International)
  • SARS Tax Clearance Certificate Verification
  • SARS VAT Verification
  • Vehicle Ownership Check
  • Stock Loss


Head Office: 051 433 1040

Bloemfontein Cell: 082 508 1781

Email: cis@cisinvestigations.co.za